“I’ve Tried Everything Else”

I’ve heard this phrase over and over.  I have mixed feelings every time I hear this.  On one hand when i hear this it proves how uneducated our society is regarding the health benefits of acupuncture and how it could be benefiting YOU.  On the other hand I get excited because I get to be

Hey everyone! So, I decided to write this blog because a lot of people reached out and wanted to know more about how trigger points (TP’s) can be contributing or creating their headaches. Let’s first start with what kinds of TP’s there are and what they do. TP’s are tissue and muscle that has become

GLEN ROCK, N.J. — Glen Rock acupuncturist Peter DeCicco first had classmates practice the traditional Eastern treatment on him to combat sudden fainting spells while in school. It worked. Now he’s hoping he can help others. “I want people to feel better and have their quality of life back,” the owner and operator of DeCicco