For months I have been struggling with Tendinitis in my elbow. I tried physical therapy, surgery, doctors appointments numerous times and nothing has worked until I started going to DeCicco Acupuncture. He has seriously changed my life. As someone who works on their feet and with their hands and arms all day, I couldn't have been happier to feel immediate progress. Because I hate the thought of needles, I struggled with the idea of acupuncture for awhile but Pete made me feel comfortable and right at home. I couldn't be happier with my experience. Love DeCicco Acupuncture and Pete SO much. He truly changed my life. — J.M.


I have a chronic immunodeficiency condition that causes fatigue and widespread pain. Since beginning acupuncture treatments with Pete at DeCicco Acupuncture, my whole life has changed! I am so much healthier, have much more energy, and my pain has diminished! Thank you so much, Pete, for giving me a chance to actually live my life according to my terms and not according to my illness! — J.G


I have suffered with stomach pain for years due to H.Pylori.  Doctors just kept prescribing me antibiotics over and over but it didn’t work. After 3 months of treatment with Peter I can honestly say I no longer have stomach pain! I highly recommend DeCicco Acupuncture .. I can't remember the last time I felt this great!! — L.K.


I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. After a few months of physical therapy and little results I decided to try acupuncture. After just one session, t(e pain relief in my back, neck, and arm was astounding. I had full mobility, which was never the case after a session of physical therapy. Through various, weekly treatments by Peter, my pain becomes increasingly more manageable. Each week is a closer step to healing. I truly believe in Peter's method! Additionally he is kind and communicates what's going on with my body- a luxury I never had with western doctors. I believe he cares about my well being. I highly recommend DeCicco Acupuncture. — J.D.


DeCicco Acupuncture changed my life! Initially I started acupuncture to help me manage my psoriatic arthritis and weight loss journey. However over time I have noticed that my weekly treatments help me balance my life better in many aspects. I met Peter DeCicco a year and a half ago and after the first treatment I felt so much better than any other treatment I had before. I knew Instantly I had found my new acupuncturist! Peter is very knowledgeable and has a very caring way about him. Peter treats me for my main concern but always find ways to also treat the smaller ones, non related to my arthritis. I have seen tremendous results over the last year in my overall health! I highly recommend DeCicco acupuncture- it's a new fresh wind on an ancient medicine. — K.P.


When I first sought out acupuncture treatment, it was to alleviate back pain and recover faster from workouts. After almost a year of visiting DeCicco Acupuncture I have been treated for everything from digestion to my mental health. If you come in with the right intention, this is something that has invaluable benefits. I trust Pete as much as any other health practitioner I've ever met, and it's something I look forward to every week. — T.R.


Peter has been treating my daughter for back pain and she is feeling much better. Peter is kind, knowledgeable, and very gentle and I highly recommend Peter for anyone thinking about acupuncture! — L.P.


After driving 11 hours in a car, I was limited with unbearable back pain. My acupuncturist, Peter De Cicco was very knowledgable and relieved all my ailments! Now I'm ready to drive 11 hours home. I just wish that he could come with me! Thanks for assisting me with my debilitating pain. So relaxing!— A.L.


If you ever suffered from long term, chronic pain, Pete is the acupuncturist that you need. He has helped me greatly. I'm finally not in tears daily. I've been a client of his for 3 months now. And have gotten so much of my life back. Simple things like going up and down the stairs was like torture to me. Pete has many different techniques he uses to help certain areas. I have experienced quit a few of them. All bringing my body and mind to a much better state. He has helped me more than being in therapy 5 times out of 11 years! He is truly concerned for his patient. To help yourself, is to go to Pete and set up an appointment! You will not be let down. — T.W.


DeCicco Acupuncture is the best! Pete came highly recommended and I now know why.  I just finished my second treatment and I am already feeling relief in my lower back . The office is clean , staff is friendly and Pete is amazing!  He is thorough, gentle, super knowledgeable , and creates an over all positive environment. I can not say enough great things about my experience!!— D.Y.


Pete is remarkable!  I had a variety of leg and ankle issues from sciatic pain to an Achilles tendon issue, with acupuncture and stem treatments, I am able to function normally again!    Pete is a warm, friendly and caring professional.  — D.S.


I am posting this review for my husband, actually both of us see Peter for Acupuncture treatments, my husband in particular is very skeptical about things like this, (Holistic Medicine) he came to keep me company one day and I asked him if he would like to try it, he said ok, and he did, he had been suffering from shoulder pain, which he had seen an orthopedic and given a cortisone shot, he found some relief but not as much as he did with the acupuncture treatments, he keeps doing movements and positions he couldn't do and now he can due to acupuncture, he is now an advocate for it, but I think you need to go to a very knowledgeable and caring person like Peter, you will be amazed how much he loves to give his clients relief, I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.— J.A.


Nobody does it better. Peter is friendly and professional, but more importantly his treatment works. I've had physical pains that went away with 1-2 treatments. Sometimes I go just when I'm stressed or anxious and come out feeling like I've taken a huge fresh breath of mountain air, re-energized and centered.

Highly recommend a visit to this guy— J.G.